How Swim Charity Tankproof Is Bringing Free Water Safety and Swim Classes to Kids Across the US How Swim Charity Tankproof Is Bringing Free Water Safety and Swim Classes to Kids Across the US

How Swim Charity Tankproof Is Bringing Free Water Safety and Swim Classes to Kids Across the US

As part of our Community Partner Series, we’re taking a deep dive into swim charities and non-profits across the world — from rural villages in Jamaica to communities here in the UK.

Today, we’re looking across the pond to one of our partners in the States — an inspiring non-profit that’s teaching essential swim safety skills to kids in underserved communities.

We’re talking about Tankproof.

And we’re proud to be a part of the amazing work they do.

Life-saving swim skills for kids of all ages

Tankproof started back in 2011 when a group of creatives discovered a hard truth:

64% of minority children don’t know how to swim — and Black kids are 5.5x more like to drown than white kids.

These worrying statistics became the driving force that inspired Tankproof, a swim-based non-profit that gives underserved communities the swim education they need to keep their kids safe and confident in the water.

Since 2011, Tankproof has helped more than 3,500 people in communities across the US, providing access and opportunity through free swimming lessons for kids that need it most.

They’re out to bring change to the communities they serve — to improve water safety for kids all over the country, and make a positive impact on the troubling statistics that inspired their charity.

Helping communities across the US

Tankproof has its roots in the local community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But since 2011, they’ve expanded their swim lessons and water safety programmes to cities all over the States — from Seattle and San Francisco to Nashville and New York.

Through their swim education courses, they’re helping underserved communities by:

  • Partnering with youth-focused organisations to find kids who need lessons
  • Matching kids aged 5 to 17 to the instructors that best suit them
  • Teaching in 1-week sessions of 5 concentrated days of swim instruction
  • And organising ‘Swim Summer Tours’ in California, Louisiana, and Texas.

But they’re not just focused on serving communities in the pool:

They’re also helping communities out of the water, too.

In 2021, Tankproof raised funds in the wake of Hurricane Ida to give financial relief and supply kits to local families — as well as feeding hundreds of people with their regular neighbourhood food routes, including youth homes, veteran’s homes, and homeless shelters.

How does SOUL CAP support Tankproof?

We’re proud to be partnered with an amazing organisation like Tankproof, a nonprofit that shares our same values around swim education and access for everyone.

As well as promoting their cause and sharing their story, we’ll keep on donating our swim caps for the lesson they provide — so kids from every background can feel comfortable in the water and gain confidence while they learn a life-saving skill.

How can I help?

Tankproof is a growing nonprofit with big plans for expansion. They’re looking to bring their free swimming lessons and water safety courses to kids in new cities all across the US.

And your support can help them on their journey.

You can support Tankproof by making a donation to their cause, or by shopping their merchandise at their online store — where every transaction contributes to enriching their swim lessons, providing supplies for their kids, and helping them get their message out to where it’s needed.

You can even get involved directly by volunteering with Tankproof — or help to spread the word by sharing their story on your socials.

Charities like Tankproof are making waves for underserved communities. And with the support of our community, we can help them reach more kids and save more lives than ever before.

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