The SOUL CAP Swimsuit: Good for Your Swim, Good for the Planet The SOUL CAP Swimsuit: Good for Your Swim, Good for the Planet

The SOUL CAP Swimsuit: Good for Your Swim, Good for the Planet

If you’re serious about swimming, you need the right gear to help you on your journey.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marathon competitor or a late-life learner. If you want to get the most out of your swim, you need a swimsuit that helps you feel confident and comfortable in the water.

And that’s exactly why we made our inclusive new swimwear.

It’s a new range of stylish and streamlined swimsuits, designed for every shape, and every type of body.

(And it’s even good for the environment, too!)

Here’s everything you need to know about the SOUL CAP Swimwear range:

A smooth fit for reduced drag

When you’re training to be your best, the resistance of the water can be your worst enemy.

That’s one of the reasons why swimmers wear caps – and it’s why some serious swimmers choose to remove their body hair.

The smoother your form, the less drag you create. And when you reduce your drag, you can swim faster through the water with the same amount of effort and energy.

But it’s not just about hair:

Natural bodies come with their own bumps and curves, and our own unique shapes can create extra resistance that gets in the way of our swim.

With the smooth fabric of a high-quality swimsuit, you’re creating a hydrodynamic surface for the water to move against – reducing your resistance as you glide through the water.

(Think ‘aerodynamic’, but in the water – that’s hydrodynamic!)

The hydrodynamic effect gets even better with a super-stretchy fabric – like our new SOUL CAP Swimwear.

With a stretchy material that hugs against the skin, our swimsuits give your body a gentle squeeze – smoothing out your natural curves to create a straight and uniform surface that helps the water pass by with less friction.

And with less friction in the water, you’ll be able to swim faster – or swim for longer without getting tired.

Flexible designs for full movement

That super-stretchy fabric is great for a streamlined swim. But it’s also good for giving your muscles full freedom – minimising the pull that works against your movements.

Our Men’s Swim Jammers and Women’s One-Piece Swimsuits are both made with that same flexible material, making it easier to perform the full motions you need to perfect your swimming form.

But the design of our Women’s Swimsuit takes it even further:

With an open-backed design held with strong and flexible cross straps, you’ll get the same stable support for your upper body – but with complete freedom of movement for your arms, your shoulders, and your back muscles.

So you’ll get the support you need as a woman up top – without sacrificing your flexibility and movement.

Simple sizing on a single scale

We know that athletes come in all kinds of natural shapes. It’s not about the size you wear – it’s about the way you perform, and the attitude you bring to your learning and training.

So we designed both our Men’s and Women’s Swimwear with a single scale that covers every size – from XS up to 3XL.

No matter which size you wear, you’re getting the same super-stretchy and flexible fit: helping you to stay streamlined in the water and swim with minimal drag.

Eco-friendly fabric for a guilt-free swim

High-performance swimwear comes with a cost. And we’re doing everything we can to offset that cost.

That’s why all our SOUL CAP Swimwear is made from 80% recycled polyamide – a super-stretchy fabric that’s used in clothing production and fishing nets.

It’s a widely used material that’s found in all sorts of industries. But when those industries end up with excess materials and waste, those non-biodegradable materials can find their way into our oceans and other aquatic environments.

By diverting the waste materials made from the products of other companies – and recycling them into brand-new swimwear for eco-conscious swimmers – we’re helping to make the most out of every bit of fabric that gets produced.

We’re doing our part to keep synthetic materials out of the oceans and landfill. And when you buy a SOUL CAP Swimsuit, you’re doing your part too.

Ready for a better swim – and a better planet?

Our new SOUL CAP Swimwear is designed for reduced drag and full flexibility – and it’s made from 80% recycled materials to help protect our oceans and aquatic environments.

So if you’re someone who takes swimming (and the environment) seriously, check out our Men’s Swim Jammers and Women’s One-Piece Swimsuits – available in a full range of inclusive sizes for every type of athlete.

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