How the Right Swimming Goggles Can Make You a Better Swimmer How the Right Swimming Goggles Can Make You a Better Swimmer

How the Right Swimming Goggles Can Make You a Better Swimmer

If you’re a swimmer and you don’t wear goggles, you’re missing out.

It’s not just about protection or being streamlined – it’s about making the time you spend in the water as comfortable and efficient as possible.

So whether you’re a fresh new learner or you’re stepping things up for some serious training, there’s one piece of swim gear that you just can’t do without.

Here’s how a set of goggles can help you become a better swimmer:

Your eyes will thank you

We’ve talked a lot about the damage that water and chlorine can do to your hair. But with your eyes, it’s a whole other level:

The chlorine in swimming pools can dehydrate your eyes, removing the tear film – the protective barrier that covers your cornea and keeps your eyes safe from dirt and germs.

Without the right protection, you could end up with a bacterial or viral infection from an everyday pool – like conjunctivitis, which thrives in water.

(And let’s not get started on the pain of ocean saltwater on your naked eyes. If you’re swimming in the ocean without a set of goggles, you’re braver than we are.)

You’ll be more aware in the water

If you’ve ever opened your eyes underwater, you’ll know it’s a blurry mess.

That might be OK for a casual dip in the pool. But if you’re seriously training to improve your performance (and especially if you’re preparing to compete), you’ll need full awareness of where you are in the pool.

You need to know how far the wall is for a well-timed rolling turn – and you definitely need to know where your rivals are in a race.

(And if you’re swimming with strangers in a public pool, you have a responsibility to not be a hazard. It’s not good manners to keep bumping into other swimmers.)

But what about swimming in the ocean?

If you’re out swimming in the sea or a lake, your awareness becomes more important than ever.

You need to know what the waves are doing, where the shore is, and where the rocks are. You need to know if you’re crossing paths with a boat or a surfer – and an eye full of water isn’t going to help.

You’ll swim with better form

There’s no getting around it: the most efficient way to swim means getting your head down.

When you swim without goggles, it’s tempting to keep your head out of the water. Your feet sink down and you’re effectively swimming uphill – doing extra work and creating drag with a diagonal posture in the water.

It’s an inefficient stroke that wastes energy and reduces your overall speed – and it’s an awkwardly tense position that can create problems for your neck and shoulders.

But with the right goggles on your head, you can keep your head down and extend your neck naturally forward, creating an efficient straight line through your whole body as you swim.

You’ll be able to swim for longer

Between the blurry vision, the painful chlorine, and struggling to keep your head above the water, swimming without goggles just isn’t much fun.

It’s uncomfortable and awkward – and that means you’re more likely to quit before you’ve had a good session.

Improving your fitness and performance doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about putting in the hours and pushing yourself forwards, swimming hard enough and long enough for your body get a proper workout and for you to perfect your technique.

And if your burning eyes are forcing you to climb out after five minutes?

You’re not making the most of your time in the pool – and you won’t get the results that you set out to achieve.

Ready to become a better swimmer?

We can’t help you skip the lessons and the practice.

But we can give you a shortcut to a safer and more comfortable swim.

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